Kinesiology Tape

You may have noticed professional athletes wearing different colored tapes on various muscles and joints during competition. The days of only using white, heavy athletic tape to give support to ankles and wrists have passed and technology has moved to the next generation of taping. Kinesiology tape is thin, stretchy cotton material backed with a 100% acrylic adhesive that produces a very low allergenicity. It is flexible and breathable, waterproof and sweat-proof, almost identical to human skin in both thickness and elasticity. These features allow the tape to be worn without binding or restricting movement. Applied correctly, the average wear time is 5 days and ideal for people who experience discomfort when they are on the job, at home or at play. Reduced pain, correct muscle activation, improved circulation, and structural support of a joint or muscle are all benefits you will see and feel. You will be able to move better so you can start strengthening exercises to prevent further injury.