Pre-Hab Classes start March 17

No one wants to have surgery, but when it is necessary it’s best to be prepared. Do you have an upcoming shoulder surgery? Or perhaps knee or hip? Maybe you already had the procedure, graduated PT and still want to continue strengthening without doing damage? This is the class for you! Join Dr. Anne Sorrentino as she teaches the exercises you need to be as strong as possible going into the surgery so you can blow through the rehab afterwards. Dr. Anne has had both shoulder and knee surgeries and patients were amazed at how fast she recovered. Join this class to learn the secrets and help you be the best you can be pre- and post- surgery. Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:15-1:00 pm. Schedule through the website. Click on classes and follow the prompts.

Workshops offered


1. SOS: Save Our Shoulders

Save Our Shoulders: Pain, Prevention & Performance

featuring The Buchberger-12® is presented by Dr. Anne Sorrentino, 

Sports Chiropractic Physician, and assisted by Robin Dennis,

owner of Fit Pro Massage.

2. Secrets of Stretching & Corrections for Common Exercise Errors

Join Dr. Anne Sorrentino and Robin Dennis, Certified Fitness Professional since 1996 & owner of Fit Pro Massage for this workshop. They will delve into the when, how, what

and why of STRETCHING and answer all of your questions about

this most elusive element of fitness: FLEXIBILITY.


3.  Foundation Training

Created by a Chiropractor & a Personal Trainer, Foundation Training is a practical approach to back pain that involves empowering YOU to take your back care into your own hands.  We will discuss the causes of back pain and lead you through a set of exercises designed to alleviate acute & chronic back pain, restore postural alignment and improve your movement patterns.  You will start feeling better immediately!


 Dr. Sorrentino is a certified CPR instructor and teaches Adult First Aid, CPR and AED. She also teaches CPR/BLS for HealthCare Providers. If you are up for re-certification, contact Dr. Sorrentino for information on her next CPR class.  CPR classes are offered every other month on the even numbered months.

Fee: $85.00 for the 4 hour course. Schedule through Schedulicity at Click on Workshops in Schedulicity to register. The very popular blended course is also available. Learn at your own pace online, take the test and then meet with Dr. Anne for an hour to review and take the practical portion. This has become a most popular version. 


We welcome requests for additional workshop presentations. Stay tuned for the class dates.