CoViD-19 Precautions in Effect

As we all work together to meet safety requirements through this Global Pandemic, the office of Dr. Anne Sorrentino follows specific guidelines to provide a safe environment for everyone who comes here.

Please do not come to the office if any of the following conditions exist:        

  1. You have a fever, feel hot or ill


   2. You have a dry cough


   3. You have any shortness of breath or breathing difficulty


   4. Are or in the last 5 days felt fatigued, tired and are just not feeling “right”


   5. Have traveled to a high-risk zone in the past 2 weeks

  • Face masks are Required - If you forget yours, a supply is kept at the front door

  • HEPA/UVA air purifier in place

  • Cleaning is done throughout the day

  • An office cleaning crew comes in every night

  • Telehealth office visits are available for issues that need to be addressed outside of a simple email

  • Dr. Sorrentino has been fully vaccinated for your protection

Classes and Workshops offered


1. CPR/AED - this course is in effect during CoViD-19. The blended course is taken online at home. A 20 minute practical is held privately at the office studio and scheduled with Dr. Sorrentino.

 Dr. Sorrentino is a certified CPR instructor and teaches Adult First Aid, CPR and AED. She also teaches CPR/BLS for HealthCare Providers. If you are up for re-certification, or have never taken CPR and would like to learn, contact Dr. Sorrentino for information. During CoViD,  the very popular blended course is highly recommended. 

Schedule through Schedulicity at Click on Workshops in Schedulicity to register.


Dr. Sorrentino will send you a link to the online portion of the course.

Learn at your own pace online, take the written test and then meet with

Dr. Anne for 30 minutes to review and take the practical portion.

Fee: $85.00 for the course.


2. Lower Body Challenge:

Dr. Anne Sorrentino and fitness professional/owner of FitProMassage Robin Dennis, will lead you through 10 days to stronger, more powerful HIPS, LEGS & GLUTES!

It’s more than just squats & lunges, you will learn how to make these exercises most effective …. Taught through Zoom to your home: How to Build a Better Butt! 😄🍑


DATES: Monday, February 15th - Friday February 26th, 2021-no weekend classes; 7:30am Zoom (online)

$35. Register through Schedulicity, click on "Workshops" on the scheduling page - note you will be signing up for the whole "series") Logon at 7:25 for a few minutes of instruction to learn the tricks of the exercise for peak effect. Wait....You need another time? NO worries! We'll send you the link and you can do fit it into your schedule!

3. SOS: Save Our Shoulders

Save Our Shoulders: Pain, Prevention & Performance

featuring The Buchberger-12® is presented by Dr. Anne Sorrentino, 

Sports Chiropractic Physician, and assisted by Robin Dennis, owner of Fit Pro Massage.

4. Secrets of Stretching & Corrections for Common Exercise Errors

Join Dr. Anne Sorrentino and Robin Dennis, Certified Fitness Professional since 1996 & owner of Fit Pro Massage for this workshop. They will delve into the when, how, what

and why of STRETCHING and answer all of your questions about

this most elusive element of fitness: FLEXIBILITY.


5.  Foundation Training

Created by a Chiropractor & a Personal Trainer, Foundation Training is a practical approach to back pain that involves empowering YOU to take your back care into your own hands.  We will discuss the causes of back pain and lead you through a set of exercises designed to alleviate acute & chronic back pain, restore postural alignment and improve your movement patterns.  You will start feeling better immediately!

We welcome requests for additional workshop presentations. Stay tuned for the class dates.